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3d hologram - Holo-display       MOD APK       Posted 2018-11-08


3d hologram - Holo-display mod latest version for android system - modify top best mobile applications & games.


Update: In the another version of the hologram holodisplay application, you can create 4 sided hologram images. Have fun your pictures in a another method as never before - 4 sided hologram images - 1 side hologram images - Millions of hologram animations - load your own images - hundreds of hologram videos - do it yourself videos for making a holo-display - buy a holodisplay hologram screen 3D Hologram – Holo - Display Now, you can have your own hologram generator or a hologram application. 3d hologram – holo – display application is a free holographic application . Using this hologram video Application, you can watch hologram videos with millions of animations from giphy. This hologram pyramid Application is powered by giphy and has hologram technology. You can even load your own gifs and images for generating 3D 4-side hologram videos. Make your own DIY hologram pyramid or buy a hologram pyramid which is professional for better results. You can create your own hologram videos and add them to favorites. Choose among the millions of hologram images from giphy like butterflies, planets, or load your own. There is also a randomize button by which you can randomize the slides. You can just slide through the results and add them to your favorites so that you don't lose them later. For viewing hologram 3D videos, you’ll require a holographic pyramid. You can make it on your own with our DIY video or buy a professional holo screen that you will place on the phone for projecting the holograms. If you wish to know how to make a DIY holo-display or buy one, You can make a little pyramid with plastic in 15 minutes and watch your animations become alive . A professional holo display allows you to watch 3D hologram videos on your tablet no matter what kind. You just need to download this hologram Application on your phone then with the support of this holoscreen, you can create your phone a hologram phone too. To watch hologram videos, you need a holoscreen or display and this 3d hologram Application. Then you need to watch the pyramid from the sides and it will give you a hologram perspective. This looks awesome and interesting. The hologram-pyramid Application has the images four times which when comes through, each of these reflects and a hologram is formed. It’s like a version of the image in real-world, floating and in 3D. View various kinds of images like fireworks, skull, fishes all on the 3d hologram holo display Application. Holograms at Your Fingertips Our 3d pyramid hologram Application, which is available on both Android device and Apple, turns your mobile device into a hologram phone. Download our Application for free and see the magical globe that awaits in the form of millions of holographic images and videos. Furthermore, we offer a complete Holo-display in the store and a DIY video that shows you exactly how to make your very own holo-screen. Now, the supreme decoration activity that will leave the whole room astounded is at your fingertips. Simply download the holographic animation application, watch our DIY guide and have fun with millions of holographic motion animations. The application is powered by giphy so that you can turn your flat images into 3D holographic masterpieces. Choose from an immeasurable amount of hologram images that come to life using the 3D holographic display. Special Features and Product Information To view these 3D videos or images, download the hologram pyramid application and purchase our special hologram pyramid or build the DIY holo-display. Start the application, select from the wide dozens of animations available and have fun – it is as easy as that. You can have fun a dozens of in-App options such as: Create hologram videos with millions of videos from giphy (powered by giphy) Add your most cherished holograms to the favorites section for simple access Use of the randomize button for randomizing between your favorite holographic images and videos Load your own gifs and images, generating 3D sides and hologram videos

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For Android: 4.4 and up Tool: 3d hologram - Holo-display mod apk
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Name: 3d hologram - Holo-display apk mod free Extension: Apk
Author: Hologram 3D holographic video apps File Name: com.joshigiphy.giphy
Current Version: 1 User Rating: Everyone
Downloads: 10000- Version: mod, apk, unlock
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